Psychic Medium Reading via Phone OR Video Chat

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:  Future booking dates will be coming soon. I'm currently taking some much needed time off for my own mental health. I know you might need me or miss me, but for now, just keep checking back for changes (or updates) to my schedule.

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Receive a 30 Minute OR 1 Hour Psychic Medium Reading with Allison via your choice of Phone, Google HangOut*, or Zoom**.

You do not need to have questions prepared for this reading. I can perform your reading without any questions, topics, or prompts. If, however, there are specific things you are looking to know then I do encourage you to have a list handy for your own convenience.


What can You find out in a Psychic Medium Reading with Me?

A Psychic Medium Reading with me usually doesn't involve any tools (tarot or oracle cards, crystal ball, pendulum, etc.).

It is important to note that I am a Psychic Medium, meaning that I can provide both Psychic Reading and Mediumship Reading services for you.

Your reading will include whichever of these two elements you feel you need. For some people that will just be Psychic information, for others it will just be Mediumship communication, and for some they may want a bit of both.

Still Unsure what the Difference is Between a Psychic Reading and Mediumship Reading?

☞ In a "Psychic Reading"...

I will connect directly to Spirit (your Spirit Guides & mine) to answer any of the following questions that may be on your mind. These questions can be about ANYTHING - including (but not limited to):

- Love, Relationships & Marriage
- Children
- Health
- Career & Education
- The Past, Issues in the Present & Scope of the Future
- Are you spiritually gifted?
- How can you tap into your own intuitive insight more?
- When will something happen in your life?
- What is your soul's path or journey in life?
- Do you have Spirit Guides? What are they like?

☞ In a "Mediumship Reading"...

I will connect directly to a Loved One on the Other Side in order to seek out the following information for you:

- Whether they are at peace
- How they may be looking out for you
- Whether they are present in your everyday life
- Answers about their life or passing

What Else Might Happen?

At any point during your reading you can literally ask me anything and I will provide you a direct line of communication to your Spirit Guides & / or Loved Ones that have passed. 

This type of reading is 100% about you, what messages will help you with what you are currently facing in life, and what your future holds. That means no two readings are ever alike!

Note:  By submitting your order & / or processing payment you are agreeing that you have read & understood my Booking & Cancellation Policy.


* Google HangOut Sessions: A link to the video chat will be e-mailed or direct messaged to you a few minutes prior to your session. With Google HangOut you do not need a special account, a Gmail or Google account, or any other information to access the video chat. The chat is accessible directly from a web address link that I send you. So all you need is a reliable internet connection & a web browser (if you are using a desktop computer or laptop) OR the “Google Hangout” App if you are using a Smartphone or Tablet.

** Zoom Meeting Sessions: Zoom is a popular third party meeting provider, but it is a service that may require an account, application download, and / or security permission given to your computer / Smart phone / Tablet in order to access audio & video. You can learn more about how Zoom works on their website here. At the time of the meeting I will e-mail or direct message you all the information you will need to access my virtual meeting room for our video chat.

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