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What I Do

I'm a Professional Boss Babe & Spirit Consultant. What does that mean exactly? I happen to have a Business Commerce degree, as well as a diploma in Advertising. I've also worked a corporate job & offered business consulting services. Somehow I've found myself being a Psychic & a Medium on top of all of those other things.

I'm still a Professional Boss Babe at heart. If you're seeking someone to help you grow your Spiritual business (or any business really), I'm your (Boss) Babe. Period.

But if you're seeking someone to help you understand the weird, unexplainable, woo woo things happening in your life & around you... I'm your Spirit Consultant. I can help you Nancy Drew the situation at hand by connecting directly in Spirit.

Pretty cool, huh?

To tell you the truth, I am a different kind of Psychic & Medium. I'm the kind that believes in altruisma meaning in all things, and above all else - that my ability to connect in Spirit to provide others answers to mysterious circumstances... Well, it's a true gift - a calling I just cannot ignore.

I've come to find out after announcing to my family "Guess what? I'm Psychic" that I'm actually a multi-generational Psychic Medium - with natural spiritual gifts. It's been a bit tough though given that I'm also the first woman in a long line of naturally gifted women to come out of the "spiritual closet" and offer my gifts & services to aid others with their Spiritual woes.

I was born clairvoyant and have always possessed my Psychic abilities - which through most of my life came through in Prophetic Dreams. It was only 6 years ago that my Mediumship abilities arrived with a bang, to allow me all-at-once to "see dead people".... But mainly, to communicate directly with Spirits of those that reside on the Other SideEarthbound Spirits (Ghosts) & Spirit Guides.

For the most part I'm completely self-taught and self-trained with the aid of Spirit. Weird. I know.

I didn't actually seek out this work. The work found me.

I've been told by my clients that I provide a loving, tailored approach to all of my sessions, and will make every effort to put myself in your shoes. This usually happens naturally for me through my ability to receive visions (Clairvoyance), feel your physical, emotional or mental state (Empathic, Clairsentience, Medical Intuitive), and receive direct auditory messages from Spirits (Clairaudience).

How I Got Here

I've always dreamed of being able to help others to heal. In whatever way that I possibly could. I truly care about people, their overall happiness & well-being. I'm not just saying that. Those who know me on a personal level refer to me as a "Care Bear" because I'm just naturally that wholesome.

I sort of embraced that dream in my own way by attending college and university in the Advertising and Business Commerce fields. It wasn't exactly the most direct way to help people, but I always had a passion for writing, graphic design, and web design + coding. I was also self-taught on all of those things too... out of sheer boredom in High School. But I wanted to find a way to tangibly help people with some of these interests, passions & skills... Even in a somewhat unconventional way.

I then used my Business Commerce Degree to become the Operations & Development Manager of an e-commerce medical device company. Within this company, my core responsibilities centered around writing for injury and condition-based websites, designing medical images, performing quality assurance for medical devices, and interacting directly with International medical regulatory boards (Health Canada & the FDA).

As you can see, up until a certain point in my life most of my pursuits were super Left-Brained. Which was very much within my comfort zone. 

I then woke up about 6 years ago and immediately my 2nd sight was fully open. I woke up and could see Dead People (or what I like to call "Earthbound Spirits"... basically Ghosts).

They were everywhere. They stood in my home and stared me down until I acknowledged and recognized that this was really happening.

I immediately started testing the boundaries of this new-found (strengthened) ability with my family, my friends, and practically anyone who would listen to me. I treated the entire experience like an "experiment". My super Left-Brained / Perfectionist self reasoned that if I was "right" or "accurate" more than I was "wrong" then I really did have something here.

It turns out, I was "right" more than "wrong". Within 3 months of me discovering these abilities I transitioned from my full-time, corporate career into Professional, Full-Time Psychic Medium work with clients. I also appeared in my first major Psychic Expo (featuring upwards of 100 practitioners and vendors). 

It all felt so RIGHT. Looking back I'm surprised I didn't go crazy with everything happening at once. I, luckily, also opened up to my Spirit Guides and Higher Self at the same time - those loving beings guided me (very bluntly) through this entire process. I now feel so very blessed and can truly appreciate that all of this happened to me THAT quickly because this work is a true calling for me.

I no longer do the traveling thing. And I don't plan to. I'm ready to shift again now into a new direction. One that allows me to focus my skills in one area of assistance WHILE I get to flex my awesome Boss Babe nature.

"I still get nervous every time I sit with a client, even if it's with a repeat client.

I've come to learn the nerves will never go away, it's just a sign of how much I care & wish to do right by people who trust me to use these inexplicable spiritual gifts of mine"

What Else will You find on my Website?

Even more intimate information about who I am and what I can do. It is my deepest hope that while presenting to you who I am, what I represent, how I think & feel - you may resonate with my energy and choose to share your spiritual woes, worries & concerns with me.

Sounds weird right? Me asking you to consider me rather than telling you that you need to choose me.


I told you I was a different kind of Psychic.

I believe that any type of energy work requires that both people come to the table fully openhonest, and ready to begin. So allow my website to provide you with my innermost wishesspiritual / psychic / mediumship abilities, and wacky personality so that you can get to know me before allowing me to enter your energyyour heart, & your mind during a Spirit Consultant Session... Where I will get to work with Spirit on solving your cosmic mysteries for you.

How can You find out even more About Me?

I am fairly active on social media accounts like: 

→ Facebook

→ Instagram 


→ Twitter

→ Tumblr

I love to write (as if you couldn't already tell), and will write articles for my Blog  here on the website.

You can also Ask Me Anything via my Tumblr, regarding any topic relating to Intuitive or Spiritual Development (NOT free Spirit Consultant advice... as I seriously don't have the time).

Finally, I should mention that I also have some great Reviews available on my FaceBook from others seeking information, validation, affirmation and peace of mind... Just like you. 

My Other Weirdness

  I wear strobing rainbow-light cat ears in every video chat reading. See? 😻

  I'm a self-proclaimed "nerd" in all "nerdy" things including my massive board game collection, occasional participation in role-playing games (DND 5e anyone?),  Magic the Gathering is definitely a thing, bouts of intense video game sessions & attendance to conventions like Toronto Comic-Con & Anime North.

  My friends & family think I'm an undercover "Care Bear" because they feel I'm filled with more goody-goody, rainbow, cheerful feelings than most. And I mean... they're not wrong. I secretly love love & realistic "happily ever after"s.

  My current obsession: Golden Girls. I call them my GGs. I took an online BuzzFeed Quiz & I'm a Sophia. Your reading with me is about to be blunt af. I hold nothing back. But my delivery is much more like Rose. ♥️

  I love simulcast viewing anime straight from Japan on Funimation. Or sometimes Crunchy Roll. Yes. I prefer DUBBED over SUBBED. Fight me.

  I totally like to think of myself as a modern day Nancy Drew and often employ my psychic sleuthing skills in real life... much to the intense amusement of my family & friends.

  Aside from the whole "talking to dead people" thing I am the most Introverted person on the planet. Hard to believe, I know. I've come to learn I'm really good at pretending to be an Extrovert for business.

  I'm creative! I can actually draw! Check out my Instagram feed for a sneak peek ;)

  I have a rescued orange long-haired cat named Holly. She is quite literally my very best friend. I tell her all of my secrets on the daily. Yes, I can sometimes be described as a #CrazyCatLady. And I often am by my friends & family.

Check out my Podcast 👻

Spirit Unplugged is a podcast serving up unfiltered spiritual realness from a Professional Boss Babe & Spirit Consultant (Me). What's an episode like? You basically just get to hang out with me as kindred, free-spirited, inquisitive, nerds to discover fresh & honest takes on psychic abilities, spirit communication, intuitive development & paranormal phenomena.