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This is a mini Spirit Consultant session providing an extremely straight-to-the-point answer (from Spirit) concerning 1 specific question. The question should be specific or at the very least directed toward a certain area of your life that you would like to know about. 

Your question will be answered via direct communication with the Spirits. No cards (Tarot or Oracle), or spiritual tools are used to provide your answer. I will receive your answer via visions, direct spoken words, or feelings / emotions from Spirit. Your answer will then be typed up directly via a nice mix of something called "Automatic Writing" + "Direct Channeling" (where I just sit down at my PC and let Spirit type through me).

As with most things, Spirit is all about equal input / equal output (balance); and so the more broad your question is, the more vague you may find your answer to be. The more specific you get with your question, the more likely I will receive dates, timelines, or a series of events to unfold.

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"Specific Question" Examples Include:

  • "I've been experiencing some weird shit at night that is affecting my sleep horribly... wtf is going on?"
  • "I feel this presence around me constantly but have no idea what it is... wtf is going on?"
  • "My gut tells me something weird is going on. I'm starting to see or hear weird things [be specific here about the things]. Wtf is going on?"
  • "I usually receive [supply spiritual signs here]. Who is communicating with me via these signs?"
  • "I want to live a more spiritually aware life & feel more connected in Spirit... how tf do I do that?"
  • "It's been several years since the passing of my mother & I think she's around because I see blue jays everywhere... is my mother actually sending me these signs and symbols and others?"
  • "I've just applied to [xyz] job after doing [123] years of work in [enter field of experience here]. Is there anything I need to know about looking for work in this field?"
  • "I've been dating [this person right here] for [indeterminable amount of time] and they are really [describe them for me a teeny tiny bit here]. Where are things likely to go with us?"

"Vague Question" Examples Include:

  • "What is my life purpose?"
  • "I miss my mom. Does she have any messages for me?"
  • "What are my Psychic abilities?"
  • "Is money coming?"
  • "Will I find love / my soul mate / my twin flame?"

Note: What I have identified as "Vague Questions" are actually perfect topics to discuss during a more in depth / lengthy Spirit Consultant session via Phone, Google Hangout, or Zoom. If you are seeking a more in depth response, or you are unsure what you would like to know, it would be best to consider booking me for a 40 minute Spirit Consultant session.

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Your purchase includes a brief answer supplied to you via the method you choose.

Please comment with your purchase or e-mail me (psychicmediumallison@gmail.com) whether you prefer to receive your reading via FaceBook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, Twitter Direct Message, TikTok Direct Message, Discord OR E-Mail ALONG WITH your username / handle OR e-mail address.


☞ Delivery Date Policy

You select your own delivery date from the calendar link above! That means you control when you will be receiving your answer to the question. Total freedom to do this means that my availability for these sessions could be limited. I’m only booking 30 days in advance at the moment & it is very “first come, first served” to control my workflow. Make sure to check back to this page frequently and click my calendar link above to keep an eye on my availability.


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Please Note: Since this service is limited to 1 Question Answered via FaceBook / Instagram / Twitter / TikTok / Discord Direct Message OR E-Mail, follow-up or additional questions that arise after reading your channeled answer are not accepted. If you wish to receive a session that allows for free-flowing conversation & clarifying questions to be answered, than please consider booking a Spirit Consultant session with me.

By submitting your order & / or processing payment you are agreeing that you have read & understood my Booking & Cancellation Policy.