House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work

Do you believe that your house is haunted? Is there a general sense of unease & unhappiness in your home? Are there individuals in your home that are experiencing unexplained phenomena that is affecting their mood, behaviour, sleep cycle, comfort level in certain rooms, or more? Are you moving into a new space and want to make sure you are starting with a clean slate - energy-wise?

If that is the case, then as a Professional Psychic Medium I do provide a service for "House Clearing & Spirit Rescue".

What is a House Clearing?

Generally it's when someone who feels they are plagued by negative energies / entities in their home or a haunting will call in their friendly neighbourhood Medium in order to have that Medium engage in spirit communication.

Traditionally - a Medium will come into the home or space you wish to have cleared, walk through the dwelling from room to room in order to assess what type of activity / phenomena is currently occurring. The Medium will then communicate directly with the Spirits (if there are any in residence) and discern the best method to get them to move on.

How do I perform a House Clearing?

I perform house clearings a bit different than the norm - I like to incorporate a lot of education into my work at any given opportunity.

So when you consult me for a house clearing, I will walk through your home or dwelling, check every room, report back to you about the areas I see / sense the most Spirits PLUS let you know what type of phenomena may be happening and to whom this phenomena is affecting most within the residents of the home.

I will then communicate directly with the Spirits - attempt to "cross them over to the Other Side", if I can (some Spirits are unwilling), or advice you on the best method to rid yourself of the Spirit(s) detected.

If I also happen to feel that you, yourself, possess latent Mediumship abilities (which is commonly the case as natural, latent Mediums will attract a surplus of spiritual energy and activity); I will take the time to educate you on some of my methods used during my own spirit communication.

This advice doesn't replace a more in-depth workshop or study in spirit communication, think of it as spirit-triage where you may feel more empowered and better equipped to handle future spiritual activity for yourself before having to call in your friendly neighbourhood Medium.

What is Spirit Rescue Work?

A lot of the time Spirit(s) residing in a home mean no harm for the inhabitants - they may have even previously resided there, be lost and trying to find their own loved ones, or forget that they have died at all!

Also - hauntings & paranormal activity can get so intense that at times the residents of a home may be the ones in need of rescue (especially if children in the home are being affected).

I generally term all Spirit Work involving the encouragement needed to cross Spirit(s) over to the "Other Side" OR resolve any form of dealing directly with Entities as "Spirit Rescue Work".

What are the Tools that I use during a House Clearing?

Most people that have done any form of initial research will know that burning dried sage can be a method to ride a home or dwelling of negative energy. And that is in fact true...

BUT it is only a temporary measure. If there are in fact Spirit(s) or sentient Entities residing in a home, burning dried sage may be powerful enough energetically to temporarily vacate the energies - but it oftentimes will not provide a more permanent solution to Spirit(s) or Entities that wish to inhabit a particular space.

For example, burning dried sage can deal with heavy emotional burdens within a home, left over negative energies from a Spirit or Entity that has been removed, or even general feelings of anxiety or depression from a very much "alive" someone that may be residing within the home.

So I will at times bring dried sage with me to a House Clearing if I intuitively feel before I leave for the appointment that it is needed (I judge this on a case per case basis) OR I will recommend the use of dried sage as good "energetic practice" moving forward for the owner / tenant of the space... But generally I instead focus on engaging directly with the Spirit(s) / Entities that may be co-existing within the space & the methods in which everyone within the home may be affected by their presence & energy.

Sometimes "Negative Energy" is not always a Haunting

There is such thing as a "Negative Imprint" that may happen in a home as a result of previous owners, tenants, or people associated with the land itself. If any form of severe trauma or emotion has occurred within the space - then there may be a residual "Negative Imprint" that as steeped into the physical space.

Basically think of it like this - land, homes, etc. are physical objects that can act as energetic sponges to soak up the energies around them. Energies that are likely to be soaked up most often are consistent energies that endure for a long period of time (i.e. think about generations of a family residing in the same home, or the site of a war or major conflict) OR hugely dramatic traumas or moments or distress that severely impacted a person or people dwelling in the home at one time or residing on the land (i.e. a horrific murder, unfortunate suicide, or traumatic accident).

The main difference between a Haunting & a "Negative Imprint" is the type of phenomena that may occur. Generally with a "Negative Imprint" there is just this heavy sense or feeling (for those sensitive to energies), or even a desire to "not go into" certain rooms of a home or visit certain areas of a property. If it is in fact a "Negative Imprint" then it's unlikely that there are other "typical Haunting" behaviour happening within the home (i.e. doors opening, objects being moved around, seeing apparitions, hearing voices, etc).

A "Negative Imprint" can also be identified by a Medium, like myself, and may be more easily dealt with by burning dried sage, placing crystals in the space, or other cleansing techniques. 

Again, I will take whatever opportunity I can to educate you on "best protective / energetic practice" going forward for your home.

What other Establishments do I provide Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work for?

I have provided House Clearing & Spirit Rescue services for other buildings or places in the past. Some of which include: 

  • Restaurants,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Farms (including barns or stables),
  • Plots of land (even pre-development),
  • And more!

How do You go about Booking a House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work Appointment with Me?

Please start by filling out this Intake Form.

The Intake Form will help me to become better equipped in servicing your House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work needs. And in the event that I feel what you are experiencing is outside of my scope of work or expertise in the field, I will be sure to recommend alternative solutions.

Next, please read my House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work Policy below for all general rate / fee information for this type of appointment.

After your Intake Form has been assessed / processed, I will be in touch via e-mail with a Booking Contract / Terms of Service to officially set the appointment.

My House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work Policy

Please note that I do travel with my Manager that has worked with me for over 5 years and is capable of answering all of your questions about my work (if there are any) while I perform this service. He is there for my safety as well.

I offer these services for a base rate of $120.00 that includes 1 hour of my time to provide for House Clearing & Spirit Work.

If you are afraid that 1 hour of time is not enough, please don't worry, I have performed hundreds of clearings over the past 5 years that I have been in this line of work and I have noticed that for me (and how I personally work), generally 1 hour is enough time to "get the job done".

The base rate also includes:

  • A complete walk-through of the home, dwelling, building or plot of land,

  • A verbal report to the primary client regarding all spiritual / paranormal phenomena & events occurring within the space,

  • Direct Spirit communication on my part for any Spirit(s) or Entities that may be residing within the space (and a "Cole's Notes" version of those interactions for your benefit - also because you may be able to provide validation for what the Spirit / Entity is trying to communicate),

  • Immediate advice & guidance regarding the best methods to employ in order to avoid future spiritual activity (especially important for any spaces with children [whom are naturally connected to the Spirit world] OR latent Mediums) - which may include use of dried sage or other herbs, frequency of their use, crystals best used in the home, placement of those crystals, future Intuitive or Spiritual Development needed for inhabitants of the home, and more.

My base rate of $120.00 for 1 hour of House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work can be added to in the following events:

  • If I have to travel outside of a 10 km radius of my own "home base" (Collingwood, ON); then a travel allowance will be included.

    The travel allowance is $0.50 per km for any distance travelled (one-way) beyond that 10 km radius.

    For example, if you happen to reside in London, ON and wish to hire me for my House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work services, then you will need to compensate me adequately for my time by paying $120.00 for my base rate + approximately $118.00 for the travel allowance. In this example I have calculated the travel allowance rate based on approximately 246 km of one-way travel distance from Me to You - less the 10 km radius.

  • If the House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work requires more of my time than 1 hour, there will be an overtime rate that will be applied.

    My overtime rate is $180.00 per hour (basically my regular hourly rate for my Professional Psychic Medium services). That rate will be applied for each 15 minute time block exceeding 1 hour of my time, rounded up.

    For example, if I happen to be in the home or dwelling for an extra 25 minutes for the House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work, then you will need to adequately compensate me for my time by paying $120.00 for the base rate + $90.00 for the overtime rate. In this example the overtime rate is calculated by halving my $180.00 per hour overtime rate to round up the extra 25 minutes spent for the House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work to the 30 minute mark.

    My overtime rate will be applied according to my own personal discretion, and when you agree to my services you also agree / understand that my overtime rate is discretionary based on my own decision.

Please note that at the time of the booking I will have you fill-out an Intake Form you must also complete a Booking Contract / Terms of Service AND a deposit is required to formally book a date & time for the House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work appointment (no exceptions). The deposit is non-negotiable and under most circumstances will be refundable as according to the Booking Contract / Terms of Service.

Still Unsure as to Whether I can Help You?

I encourage you to contact me if you are still unsure or have any questions about booking my services for a House Clearing & Spirit Rescue Work appointment.