Psychic & Medium Readings

What it means to be a Psychic Medium

When I connect to Psychic Information for you I can discuss a variety of topics with you including all areas of your life that may be affected from the past, what may be happening in your life in the present, or what may be coming up for you further into the future. Typically I prefer to focus on the present and future unless of course the past is relevant to what is happening in your life right now or what will happen for you in the future.

I also offer Mediumship for connecting to Loved Ones that have passed on. This will sometimes include information about them, their personality, the way in which they have passed, any unfinished business that they may have, and what their personal message if for you right now.

Finally - through both of my abilities in Psychic information & Mediumship, I have access to information from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self about why you are here on Earth (your soul's purpose / journey) and any guidance they may have for you. 

Your reading will include what you are most wanting and needing to hear about right now. That means that you may be coming to see me for Psychic (life) information, Mediumship of Loved Ones, or Guidance from your Spirit Guides. Or your reading may include all of that. It's totally 100% up to you and your preference.


I am a Rare Combination of a "Seer" & a "Co-Facilitator"

I am a truly talented "Seer" of clairvoyant visions that are literal in nature (rarely symbolic or interpretive), and I also consider myself to be a "Co-Facilitator" throughout your experience wth me.

That means that for every reading with me, your can rest assured that I will always be tuning into your energy field first. This is something I automatically do before even opening up the channel any information outside of yourself.

By tuning into your energy field first I am able to receive messages immediately about what you may be seeking to know (questions in your life that remain unanswered) AND a list of topics in the Reading that may be "off limits" (things you do not want to know about).

After I am tuned into your energy field, I can then open up the channel to Spirit (my Spirit Guides, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self & your Loved Ones) to receive messages directly about the information you are wishing to know.

This means that when you sit down with me, you don't even have to say anything! I access your subconscious questions, wishes & desires in life via tuning into your energy. This is my own unique method of guiding the Reading process so we don't waste your time by speaking about topics that you may not find relevant in your current life's Journey. 

You are also more than welcome to ask me questions at any time, if you want a specific answer about something directly from Spirit or if you wish to reach a cherished Loved One that may not have already come forward of their own accord.

Most of the time though, I will tune into your energy and allow the Reading to flow freely from there.

I've been told that Reading with me is like having a conversation with a very close friend. Most of the time I don't use cards or tools, I just sit down with you to chat about your life, goals, aspirations, dreams, and deepest desires. By the end of the process you will feel like we've known each other for ages. You will feel very comfortable with me and what Spirit and I can accomplish together.


What can you find out about in a Psychic & / or Mediumship Reading with me?

A Reading with me usually doesn't involve any tools - unless you have requested that I use Tarot Cards for the session.

During this type of Reading I will use my connection to Spirit to answer any of the questions that may be on your mind. These questions can be about ANYTHING - including (but not limited to):

  • Love, Relationships & Marriage
  • Family, Siblings, Parents & Children
  • Emotional, Mental & Physical Health
  • Job, Career, Entrepreneurship & Education
  • Past, Present & Future Events
  • Living Situation, Property & Real Estate
  • Finances, Investments & Assets
  • Spiritual Abilities / Gifts, Your Intuition, Your Spirit Guides, Unexplained Spiritual Phenomena & Events
  • Soul Purpose, Past Lifetimes & Soul Mates


You can literally ask me anything and I will provide you a direct line of communication to your Spirit Guides. This type of reading is 100% about you, what messages will help you with what you are currently facing in life and what your future holds.

Usually in this type of reading where "anything goes", it's best to come prepared with specific questions or take the time to write down questions. You don't have to ask me these questions - but this list will help you keep track of what information Spirit has naturally brought up versus any topics or insight you feel you really need to know about.


What is a "Typical" Psychic & / or Mediumship Reading Like?

A "typical reading" with me is anything but. Unless you've requested a Tarot Reading - I never use a 'cookie cutter' process. I intentionally leave the Reading very open to accommodate whatever messages are meant to come through for you.

You may have a reading that's 100% channeling of Loved Ones that have passed, or a reading that is completely focused on answering your questions about the past, present and future.

Honestly... The format of the Reading doesn't matter. I whole-heartedly believe that no matter what type of Reading you have you will get the best possible information for the situation you are facing.

I know every day that I simply could not do this job without your willingness to be open to this experience... And so I have gone to great lengths in my career to uniquely tailor each Reading experience to whoever I am sitting across from. That's why the Reading starts by me tuning into your energy field. You're unique, so your Reading can't be anything but unique too!

Remember that this Reading is for you, and how your Reading progresses is up to you as well. I'm happy to work with you in creating a Reading that is most beneficial to you and the questions you wish to have answered.


How Does It All Work?

I always allow the natural Reading process to happen and tailor every Reading to you - lending a voice to all messages that are meant to come through. 

The more open you come to me and ready you are to receive information, the more messages that will come through for you. Know that if you come into a Reading closed off to the process, the information won't flow as easily and organically. This is because you yourself may not be ready to hear or receive any messages from Spirit. If you aren't ready then I have no choice but to be extremely respectful of the information you are wanting to hear versus the information that you just aren't ready for.

I am ridiculously honest and I always tell it like it is. I never change or alter a message that comes through. If you are closed off in any way I will just tell you (especially if there are aspects of the truth you are not ready to hear), but rather than ending the reading there, I will work with your energy and Spirit in order to help you get through that block and welcome the information that you are ready to hear.

There hasn't been a session yet where I've received a message that was not meant to give validation or constructive advice. If there are things you simply do NOT want to know, they won't come out in the Reading.

In my opinion there are no BAD or NEGATIVE messages. In fact, if you fear those type of messages then it's likely that none of those messages will come through from Spirit out of respect for your beliefs and feelings on the matter (my best example for this would be messages about death - I RARELY get messages about that subject without getting the "go ahead" from your energy & Spirit - and then sometimes if I feel a topic is sensitive in nature I will just outright ask you if you are willing to discuss things).

Any messages that come through that could be perceived as constructive, is basically "tough love" from your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones that have passed. Especially the Loved Ones that have passed. They are very honest when they see all things from the Other Side & they completely retain their personality and opinions.


How do I like to Work?

Earlier I mentioned that I like you to come into any Reading with me open to the experience, process and what information may come forward. I have to stress that my expectation of you being open DOES NOT mean that I am the type of Reader that will want you to give me any information or backstory. I will actually stop you if I feel like you are giving me too much information.

I always prefer to read with NO information going in. I feel like that adds a whole new layer of affirmation / validation to the experience and allows you to know that the experience with me is a totally a natural & organic one.


Booking with Me

If you'd like to see me in person you can book a Psychic & / or Medium Reading with me at an upcoming Event.

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I also offer Readings via Phone, Google HangOut & Zoom.

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