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Psychic Medium & Tarot Readings

Are you seeking guidance in your life from Spirit? Do you wish to get in direct contact with your Spirit Guides? Are you hoping to re-connect with a Loved One that has passed? Are you looking for a compass in life, to stay true to your own life purpose & intuition?

Do You Wish to Know more about...

  • Love, Relationships & Marriage
  • Family, Siblings, Parents & Children
  • Emotional, Mental & Physical Health
  • Job, Career, Entrepreneurship & Education
  • Past, Present & Future Events
  • Living Situation, Property & Real Estate
  • Finances, Investments & Assets
  • Spiritual Abilities / Gifts, Your Intuition, Your Spirit Guides, Unexplained Spiritual Phenomena & Events
  • Soul Purpose, Past Lifetimes & Soul Mates

I can provide the insight you seek... 

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Other Services Offered

  • Reiki Energy Healing - I am a fully certified Reiki Master and currently provide energy healing sessions at Events and by appointment only at 313 Spirit Shoppe

  • Traditional Indian Head Massage - I am certified in this hands-on modality by Rinaldi College of Aesthetics and currently exclusively provide Indian Head Massage sessions at Events

  • Corporate Events - I am experienced in providing Psychic, Medium & / or Tarot Readings, Workshops, Lectures, and more for special Corporate Events (with professional billing). Contact me to receive a quote for your Corporate Event.

  • Social Events - I've booked other major social events / rites of passage, including Birthdays and Weddings (with a professional Event Booking Contract). Contact me to receive a quote for your Social Event.

  • Intuitive Development Sessions - This is an individually tailored session that is based on your unique set of Intuitive & Psychic Abilities - I will work with you and your Spirit Guides to foster trust in your capabilities and promote growth Spiritually. All Intuitive Development sessions must be booked through 313 Spirit Shoppe

  • Spirit Rescue - This is a personal consultation that will provide insight about what you or someone you know may be experiencing Spiritually - be it a Haunting, Attachment, or other unexplainable spiritual phenomena. All Spirit Rescue consultations must be booked through 313 Spirit Shoppe

  • House Clearings - I can come to your home to deal with Spiritual energy and provide cleansing with my own tools (including smudging with sage if needed) as well as Cross Over any lingering Spirits that may be affecting those residing in the home. All House Clearings must be booked through 313 Spirit Shoppe

  • Workshops - Currently offered locally in Collingwood, ON at 313 Spirit Shoppe